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Microfiber Towel

  • Product No.:MFT01
  • Size:40X80CM
  • Mateiral:100% Polyester Or Polyester and Polyamide mixed
  • Color:Dark blue,Yellow,purple,orange,and so on
  • Packing:Clear Opp Bag
Category: Microfiber Towel

Microfibe Towel

  • Made of microfiber material
  • lightweight,won’t take up tons of space in your bag
  • Qickly leech sweat away from your skin
  • Soaks up the oil that comes out with your sweat
  • Microfiber towels tend not to smell of sweat after you’ve used them
  • Weight: 200g/sm-400g/sm Any size and color is available.

    Some questions are concerned by customers:

    1. what is microfiber?
    The microfiber are made from polyester, polymid and or a conjugation of polyester and polyamid.
    Composite fibers can be split to thinner strands that can be less than 0.3 denieer.
    Microfiber is finer than nature fibers. Its fineness is only about 1/20 of silk and about 1/200 of hair

    2. What are the microfiber cloth advantages?
    1) High absorbtion of water
    2) Strong to remove dirt
    3) Easy to wash and easy to dry
    4) Don’t leave fuzz when clean over the car , glass etc.
    5) Last long time. Microfiber can last as long as 4 times of cotton towel.

    3. What should we pay attention when we use the microfiber cloth?
    1) Make the microfiber wet before cleaning the furniture, home appliances, kitchen ware floor etc,
    Because dry towel not easy to wash clean after dirted
    2) Wash it clean timely after using
    3) Don’t use it to wash the rust covering pots. Rust easy to attached on the fiber and difficult to
    wash off.
    4) Don’t iron the towel and don’t touch to water over 60 °C
    5)Don’t wash it together with other items. It will absorb much fuzz otherwise.
    6)Don’t use bleach or softer which will weaken its absortion.


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